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What are the criteria for a great storage shed?

Well, obviously the answer to that question depends a great deal on what you need the storage shed for and how it will fit into the layout of your home. A shed to be put on an acreage that will live at the back of the land to hold household chemicals will have a much different set of criteria for “greatness” than a shed you build to hold the tools and chemicals to take care of your outdoor pool. storage shed

The criteria for a good shed has is based on more than just its function. You may buy or build the shed from plans to hold your lawnmower and lawn care equipment but that is not the only issue you have to consider when building the shed. A shed also becomes part of the landscaping of your home. It becomes a statement about you and your property that people can see when they come to visit.

The first criteria of the storage shed has to be its function. If you are buying or building a shed to hold lawn care equipment, that may be a different kind of shed than if you want to store your kayak and the gear you need for that sport. Also, what you want the shed to do will influence where it will live on your property. A shed to be used to hold the feed for your 4H sheep will be in an entirely different location than a shed you buy to store firewood that you will want to access from the house when it is cold outside.

The decisions you make about the storage shed you buy build upon each other in this way. Where the shed will reside on your property has a big influence over the look you want that shed to have and the construction materials you may need to be part of the storage shed’s design. Whether you build or buy a storage shed may be determined by how customized you need the shed to be in terms of function.

The “build or buy” decision may also be part of your landscaping plans and how the shed will fit into those plans. A fiberglass shed you buy at the hardware store may be perfectly functional but it might not have the look you want to be visible to people who come to visit when they look out onto your back yard. A wood shed designed to look like your home is a wonderful addition to your landscaping because you literally can give it wood shingles and create a structure that is in the same style as the residential building so it fits in perfectly.

Thinking these issues through well in advance can do a lot to help you make the right decisions about the storage shed you have in mind. Budget will also be a factor because the “dream shed” you might have in mind might be more costly than is necessary for the job you need it to do. These are down to earth decisions to be made but when you have set your priorities correctly, you will get a structure that fits your lifestyle and your landscaping perfectly and it will be a shed that is functional and, if necessary, attractive at the same time.

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